What to Expect at an Event

When attending a workshop, be prepared!  Are there sides to be prepared? Do you have your resume updated? Enough headshots?

1) Market yourself. Bring multiple copies of your headshot, resume to every event. Typically in workshops, a casting director will only want one copy. (headshots and resumes need to be stapled together). Also, PLEASE feel free to put your brad/postcard on our walls. We WANT casting directors who haven't seen you...to SEE you!

2) Do not hog their time. They are there for a specific time period. If they feel you are not professional or respectful of their time, OR the other actors at the event, this will likely not bode well for you! They might incorrectly assume you are a selfish actor!

3) Be grateful!  Have an attitude of gratitude. Casting directors don't get thanked enough. Thank them!

Next up, expect to be challenged. We specifically bring in casting directors, coaches, agents & other industry professionals who are WORKING. They don't take this lightly and it is not their hobby. As a result, they will help you grow and help you achieve excellence.

Have fun! Acting is a serious business, but it is a blast.

FeedBack:  Ever go to an audition, think you nailed it....and never hear back? Did you do well? Did they not like my look? Was my outfit wrong? Was I just not the type they needed? You really never know. That is OK, it is a part of the business. But, in workshops, you get immediate FEEDBACK from casting directors that is absolutely invaluable.

Relationships: Getting in front of a casting director is great. Your agent or manager is doing their job. But what about YOU? Are you out meeting casting directors, producers, directors or other agents? Having a successful career as an actor occurs when you recognize YOU have to go out and build these relationships too.
Networking:  Not only will you be meeting and making new relationships with casting directors, but you'll also be building your network with other actors.

Legal Disclaimer  Reference AB 1319

Events are not a job interview or audition. The presence of a casting director, agent, producer or director is not a guarantee of representation or a promise of employment. The sole intent of the event is educational, informative and fun!

Workshops are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of a Casting Director or associate is neither a promise or guarantee of employment or an audition. Contact with an Industry professional solely through an event or workshop in and of itself rarely results in a contract with the guest or the production company they represent.

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