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Type of Events

  • Casting Director Workshops  

    • These workshops resemble what occurs in casting offices every day to give you a chance to learn how to audition in a safe setting. You’ll have a side or selection of a script to prepare in advance. You will sign in at the beginning of the session, come back in & read, possibly with another partner and you’ll receive feedback immediately. Following that there will be a question and answer time to gain additional insight from the casting director. This unique event provides the actor the opportunity to practice their auditioning skills, but ALSO, and more importantly, get feedback from the very people who make the recommendations to the networks, producers & those who hire actors. Normally when you audition, you have no idea if you are hitting the mark, making mistakes, or doing great! In a real audition setting the casting director does not have time to do this, nor would it be appropriate. But, in a Casting Director Workshop, you get feedback, can improve and learn how and what you need to change. In this business, it isn’t who you are, but who you KNOW. Being KNOWN by casting directors just makes sense. These events cost between $35-55, are limited in size (usually 20-24) and last 2-3 hours to provide a fair amount of time for each actor to spend time with the casting director. In addition to your feedback, you will gain unbelievable insight by watching the other actors, seeing & hearing the feedback and redirection the casting directors give the other actors.

      • Casting Director Intensive

        • These are much longer sessions (2-4 hours), limited to in size & give you a lot more instruction & one-on-one time. Intensives are similar to workshops but different in the intensity & time. You'll receive a huge amount of personal time with these talented casting directors who want to help you grow. Costs for intensives are usually from $75-200 depending on the director, scope and focus.
          • Agent & Manager Nights  

            • Opportunities to meet agents/managers. Need an agent or manager? There are many agents & managers who are actively seeking talent to represent. These evenings give you a chance to audition, showcase or perform for them and open the door for that relationship to occur.
              • Commercial Acting Workshops  

                • Commercial acting is vastly different than TV/Film. These workshops vary in style, but give you a chance to work directly with casting directors or coaches who specialize and excel at assisting actors in this genre. The goal is to learn special skills and acting techniques that help you book the tough parts!
                  • Audition Workshops & Intensives 

                    • Workshops led by talented acting coaches with a specific focous on audition skills, cold reads, improv, theatrical, episodic, monologues, etc.

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Legal Disclaimer  Reference AB 1319

Events are not a job interview or audition. The presence of a casting director, agent, producer or director is not a guarantee of representation or a promise of employment. The sole intent of the event is educational, informative and fun!

Workshops are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of a Casting Director or associate is neither a promise or guarantee of employment or an audition. Contact with an Industry professional solely through an event or workshop in and of itself rarely results in a contract with the guest or the production company they represent.

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