Can Casting Workshops, Intensives & Events Actually Help my Career?

The simple answer is YES.

When casting directors are reviewing headshots sent to them by agents & managers, if they've met you before, they'll likely remember you. If you did well, it greatly improves your chances of being called in. Bottom line, casting directors are PEOPLE. They like to work with people they know. As you get to know them, it simply betters your chances overall.

Or, if you are without an agent or manager, how is a casting director even going to know you exist at all? Yet, if they've met you, the chances increase that they will recall you later.

Also, every single casting director is DIFFERENT. One likes reels, another doesn't. One likes postcards, another HATES them. Some like small talk, others are all business. You can't run your career based upon the pet peeves of every single casting director, BUT, it helps to KNOW what works and what doesn't for as many directors as possible. You can develop a working knowledge of how to handle the different casting directors and, armed with that knowledge, you are just that much ahead of your competition.

Casting directors love informing people about the process involved. Most casting pros would agree that the business doesn't need to be a "big secret." The educated and informed actors are the ones that do the best and have the most confidence. They WANT you to succeed and enjoy acting.

Second of all, who better than to learn from and take direction than the people who are day in and day out seeing right in front of them what the studios, networks, producers & directors are wanting out of their actors?

Who should you really acting coach who hasn't been on set for 10 years....or casting directors who often watch production, see the directors' & producers notes and are seeing what is working EVERY SINGLE WEEK? While studying acting and digging deep into your craft is necessary and your responsibility, the feedback and direction that casting directors can give you is truly invaluable.

Make sure you are getting good information, training AND building your knowledge about the business of acting!

Legal Disclaimer  Reference AB 1319

Events are not a job interview or audition. The presence of a casting director, agent, producer or director is not a guarantee of representation or a promise of employment. The sole intent of the event is educational, informative and fun!

Workshops are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of a Casting Director or associate is neither a promise or guarantee of employment or an audition. Contact with an Industry professional solely through an event or workshop in and of itself rarely results in a contract with the guest or the production company they represent.

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